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Being chronically late is a bad habit that can eventually ruin your life. Among your loved ones, it is a source of minor annoyance. However, in a professional setting, punctuality is a necessity. Imagine what a client or a potential employer will think of you if you cannot stick to your schedule. They will see tardiness as a red flag. They will assume that you are unreliable.

Chronically Tardy

People definitely have been reprimanded at work for being late. Many likely have lost their jobs due to perpetual tardiness.

Moreover, by never being on time, you can destroy relationships. For couples, it can be a cause of frustrations and fights. Friends will not always have the patience to wait for you whenever you have to hang out together.

There are numerous reasons why people are late. Many people, especially in urban areas, have to grapple with traffic jams and unreliable mass transit systems. Meanwhile, adults with very young children do not have complete control of their schedules. In addition, accidents can also happen that may prevent a person from arriving on time.

As much as everyone wants to be on time, it is just not always easy. People live busy lives. But, it can also be a sign of a lack of time management. Perhaps, you are always late because you spend too much time getting ready every day for work or to meet friends.

Dressed to Impress

It does not seem substantial, but the time you spend in front of your closet deciding what to wear is contributing to your chronic tardiness. One previous study by the retailer Marks & Spencer found that women spend an average of 17 minutes a day getting dressed. On the other hand, men waste 13 minutes daily picking an outfit from their wardrobe.

Add that together and, in total, women waste six months while men waste four months in front of their wardrobe to get ready.

It does not have to be that way. You can reduce the time you spend picking outfits every day and then make it in time for your appointments.

More Than a Storage Space

It is time to stop dumping your clothes in your closet. There needs to be organization because, otherwise, you would not know where to find the pieces that you want.

Here is an important tip from experts: make your clothes visible to you.

How many times have you done a cleanup or decluttering only to find clothes at the back of your closet that you have had for a while but never worn? It is impossible to remember every piece of clothing that you own. And, if you cannot see it, there is a huge chance that you will forget that you have it and then never wear it.

Unfortunately, not all cabinets and drawers allow you to store your clothes in a way that will showcase everything that you own.

Nowadays, consumers want customization. Entrepreneurs are stepping in and offering their services to design storage that is based on the unique needs of each client. A custom closet franchise can give you shelves, cabinets and drawers, and other storage solutions that work for your space and the kind of clothes that you have.

More importantly, make sure that your closet space is well-lit. You can install neutral LED strip lights into your closet to remove shadows that can hide your clothes when you need them the most.


Most people arrange their closets according to type. However, it may be more effective to store your clothes by color. It is more aesthetically pleasing to see your clothes grouped together by color. Moreover, it will make creating an outfit easier. You do not have to peruse dozens of skirts to see which one will match your blouse. You likely already know which colors work together. You limit your choice according to hue.

Once you have arranged your clothes by color, then you organize them by garment type. There is no wrong order to this, but it is better to hang your clothes rather than fold them. This is especially crucial if you do not have a lot of time to fold clothes over and over again. While the Marie Kondo method of folding is nice to look at, it can be time-consuming.

Plan Early

Make it a habit to plan your outfit the night before. It is an easy solution that will save you time the next day. You would not have to waste time choosing clothes to wear when you are supposed to be in a hurry to go out to work or meet friends. You will not be tardy again.

Tardiness is not a good trait, but so many people are guilty of chronically being late. It will not be easy to change your habits and be punctual, but it is possible by being organized at home and learning how to better manage your time.

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