James Mitchell

Diamonds are more than just a girl’s best friend. In some cases, they’re also essential parts of the tools that men use. Only 20 per cent of all diamonds are made into jewellery, and the majority of these stones are used for industrial purposes. Here are some uses of diamonds that might surprise you.

Cutting into Concrete, Crystals, or Hard Metals

Diamond is used as a thin coating in specific cutting tools to improve performance and increase durability. One of the more common uses that you’ve probably seen is diamond saws cutting concrete during highway repairs. Diamond-coated tools are also used in cutting various materials, such as aluminium-silicon alloys, copper alloys, reinforced polymers, graphite, ceramics, and many others. Precision tools for cutting lenses used in DVDs and phone cameras are also coated in diamond.

Drilling in Your Home or Drilling for Oil


Diamond-coated drill bits are readily available in the market. These tools are used for drilling into glass, stone, ceramics, tiles, bone, horn, and shells. Diamond-coated drill bits are also used for drilling into gemstones as well as many other hard but sensitive materials. Outside of the house and deep under the earth, diamond is also used to coat drills for oil, mineral, and gas exploration. Drills for digging deep into the earth look no way similar to the ones you have at home, but they are similarly coated with diamond for more durability.

Grinding and Polishing Glass and Concrete

Diamond-coated tools are ideal to shape hard but brittle materials such as glass. Diamonds are used in grinding wheels or grinding pellets and are used to finish glass lenses. The precision work needed in grinding and polishing glass is made easier through the use of diamond-coated tools. Another use of diamond for grinding and polishing is in concrete. Concrete, even one containing different aggregates, can be polished and made to shine. This gives concrete a reflective appearance and even the semblance of glass.

Engraving Different Materials

Diamond-coated tools, whether hand tools or for machines, have been widely used in the engraving industry. Different metals and items can easily be labelled and customised through machine engraving. Watches, wedding rings, luggage tags, pens, flasks, knives—almost anything metal can be engraved with the use of a diamond coated engraving tool.

Other Applications

Diamonds are used to coat and protect sensitive equipment from heat and damage. Diamonds are great conductors, and their hardness makes them ideal heat sinks for various applications. The specialised cameras of fighter planes are coated with diamond to protect them from wear, scratches, and heat. Diamonds are also widely used in X-ray machines, lasers, and other sensitive equipment. High-end speakers and even needles in modern turntables use diamonds. Research in information technology has described diamonds as a viable and superior alternative to the silicon used in computers.

Diamonds are more than just stones for fancy jewelry. Almost every power tool can be enhanced with a little diamond coating, perhaps making diamonds the best gift for both men and women.

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