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Your kitchen’s cabinets are not only a functional element in your home but also a design statement in this essential room. The doors are the primary design element in your kitchen cabinets since they are the most visible and frequently used. The material options for kitchen cabinet doors have evolved over the years. The most popular choice for cabinet doors nowadays is glass.

Glass makes a suitable compromise between open shelving and solid cabinetry for homeowners investing in a kitchen remodel in Fort Wayne. The glass doors allow the display of your decorative items and dishware while keeping out debris and dust. There are different glass designs and intricate textures available for cabinet doors nowadays. Here are the most popular picks:

Clear Glass

This offers an unhindered view of the items in your cabinets and is a fail-safe choice. Tempered glass is the best alternative for those who opt for clear glass cabinet doors since this will not break easily. Clear glass can be used as flat panels or have decorative mullions that enhance your overall kitchen design. When using clear glass, arrange the cabinets well and regularly clean the doors since they readily show fingerprint and smudges.

Frosted Glass

This type of glass is blasted using grit or sand to create a translucent quality that lends a sleek and cool feel to your kitchen. The blasting also lends different designs to the glass. Though it is primarily opaque, frosted glass retains some transparency and allows various colors and shapes to shine through it. As such, it is essential to keep everything well organized in your cabinets.

Textured Glass

Clear glass cabinets

This is embossed with different patterns or glass molded to enhance its tactile and visual appeal. Textured glass can be beveled, grooved, pebbled, or ribbed. Other than its high visual appeal, textured glass is famous because it masks streaks and smudges well. It also blunts the outline of your cabinet’s contents in varying degrees based on its weight.

Seeded Glass

Unlike most glass design options for kitchen cabinets, seeded glass fits perfectly in vintage kitchens like those with shaker, cottage, and traditional designs. The glass is pocked with many tiny bubbles and often also has a wavy quality. These bubbles come in various sizes and determine the transparency amount of the glass. Homeowners aiming to showcase their cabinets’ content should opt for small bubbles, while large ones suffice for those looking for an opaque cabinet door.

Leaded Glass

This has an attractive artisanal quality that allows it to fit into many kitchen designs. This is generally a characteristic of craftsman-style kitchens. Those looking for some colors in their kitchen can pick art or stained glass, which works perfectly with backlit cabinets. The glass is held with thin leaded strips in different patterns, though zinc and copper strips are sometimes used.

For most homeowners, their kitchen remodel is a DIY venture. With the given types of glass, this is not advisable. A professional is equipped to safely install the doors and guarantee their optimal look for your kitchen’s remodeling.

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