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Everyone would love to have a swimming pool in their backyard. They imagine the numerous pool parties that they would host every weekend. There is also the thought of utilizing the pool as part of an invigorated fitness routine. However, many people are unaware of the maintenance efforts that are required to keep a pool clean just like those they see in magazine photos.

Dealing with leaks

Sometimes, pools experience leaks that result in significant water loss. Consider hiring one of the companies in Keller that offer pool repair services to rehabilitate your pool. There are various reasons why a pool may lose water. A common reason is the evaporation of water, especially during summer. However, even with evaporation, your pool should not lose excess water. There are times when one of the pipes leading to your pool may be having a leak, resulting in huge water loss. To confirm your suspicions, consider placing a piece of waterproof tape on one of the walls around your pool. This may be done early in the morning after which you may come back in the evening to note the change in water levels. If the difference is more than a few millimeters, it is likely that your pool may have a leak, especially if no one has gotten into the pool throughout the day. This can only mean that no water has been splashed out of the pool.

Debris and algae

Skimming and scrubbing are two essential ways of keeping a pool in its right condition. The former refers to the removal of any debris such as leaves that may be on the pool surface. It is advisable to skim your pool every day. It goes a long way in preventing the decomposition of the leaves while still in the water, which tends to discolor the water. Other times, it may impart an unwanted odor to the water that may ruin your swimming experience. Other than removing the debris, consider scrubbing the walls of the pool to eliminate any growing algae. Usually, the growth of algae is favored by moist surfaces as a result of regular contact with water.

The essence of a water filter

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Consider your pool’s filter as its kidney. It plays an essential role in keeping your pool water clean. Without the filter, you may begin to notice the collection of soil and other foreign particles on the floor of your pool. This is likely to be followed by the emergence of vegetation if the situation remains unsolved for a long time. It is essential to check the condition of the filter at least once every week. That way, you are able to get rid of any accumulated dirt. It also becomes possible to notice any cases of damage such as tearing, which may allow the passage of dirt.

Pools require regular maintenance to keep them in the right condition. As such, you ought to spare some time every day to remove the debris and check its water level. When busy, you may consider hiring someone to undertake the cleaning on your behalf.

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