James Mitchell

Christmas is when many people are generous and out on the streets looking for gifts for their loved ones. As such, you want them to stop by your shop so that you can showcase your products.

One of the best ways to do this is to create an attractive window display that will not only catch passers-by attention but would also present your bestsellers. The following are some things you need to do for your annual commercial Christmas decorations:

Use your products in a Christmas story.

For instance, if you sell monogrammed towels, ask yourself how you can best showcase these towels in your window display and at the same time, imbibe the holiday mood? You could use fairy tale characters using your monogrammed towels.

Prepare the items that you will need.

Depending on the theme that you decide to go with for your commercial Christmas decorations, you should prepare the items before setting off to decorate your window.

For instance, if you want to use fairy tale characters, you should be careful to use characters that do not have copyright issues. If you want to use a well-known character, secure the necessary permits or licenses, so you don’t face legal problems in the future.

Ask for help from the people around you.

Preparing your commercial decorations will need money, time and energy. You will need all the help you can get. Bring your ideas to the table with a cup of hot cocoa with your staff. You will be surprised how they can be enthusiastic in imbibing the holiday spirit in your shop.

After preparing everything, and the commercial decorations are up, do not forget to put a smile on your customers’ faces by offering promotional sales and promos. You could even offer a refreshing drink or a hot cocoa during cold seasons as part of your marketing plan.

Remind your staff and yourself that ultimately, a customer will come back because of the smooth and positive transaction that they had with you, especially during the busy holiday season.

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