James Mitchell

People in caring professions have to do a lot of lifting and bending. They are at greater risk of straining their back and developing chronic back pain, but there are ways to prevent the pain.

Personal care providers do a noble job of helping the elderly and the disabled live a full life while at home. Many caregivers are relatives assisting aging parents or children with medical conditions. Helping them in and out of bed and the bath can take its toll and cause back pains. Simple home and lifestyle changes can prevent these strains and make life easier for everyone.

Flat Access Bathing

Bathtubs for the disabled, like the ones from Heavenly Walk In Tubs, are designed for an easier bathing experience. These specialized tubs have a door opening access so that caregivers don’t have to lift the individual over the side of the tub or use a hoist. They sit comfortably on a heated seat and once the door is closed, the bath is filled with temperature-controlled water. This means it stays at the right temperature. The surfaces have integral anti-slip surfaces to help the bather avoid accidents.

Bed Grab Rails

Bed grab rails can be fixed to the bed by being placed under the mattress and provide something for the person to pull themselves up with. This could make it easier for them to get in and out of bed.

Wheelchair Lifts

A wheelchair lift can transport a permanent wheelchair user up and down the stairs. Residential elevators can accommodate both the caregivers and the person with disabilities if they need someone to assist them. Funding for mobility aids may be available through the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Posture is Important

Attention to posture is important. Assistants should ensure they sit straight with their shoulders rolled back. They can also use a posture-supportive chair.

Maintain Fitness

Maintaining physical fitness is vital and will improve flexibility in the joints. Taking time out for a regular swimming session or a yoga class can strengthen back muscles. If these activities don’t appeal to you, taking a 30-minute walk each day is a good alternative.

Caregivers help the elderly and disabled but may suffer from back strain due to lifting and bending. Simple lifestyle changes and mobility aids can prevent this and make life better for everyone.

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