James Mitchell

If someone is a keen gardener then they will normally enjoy any kind of present that allows them to continue to enjoy their hobby in new or improved ways. This is a guide to a couple of the areas that someone can explore when buying gifts for the budding or experienced gardener.

Practical help

Sometimes one of the greatest gifts can be the offer of help. This can be in the form of actual labour in the garden or perhaps funding for some garden maintenance in Wimbledon and the surrounding areas from a firm like Town and Country Gardens. With the latter, they can learn new things, choose to engage a regular service or plan a long-term project that will revolutionise their outdoor space.


Books can make the perfect present to help someone look forward to their future garden maintenance in Wimbledon. If it is winter or Christmas time, buying tools or seeds for a gardener can seem like they are getting something they cannot use for months. A book can be read straight away and help them to feel inspired and connected to their hobby, even in the depths of the cold season. These can be practical planning books like the RHS Encyclopaedia of Garden Design by Chris Young or something more philosophical like Second Nature by American writer Michael Pollan.


In order to assess the tool situation of any gardener, a sneaky trip to the shed might be required. Once there, it’s easy to spot any tool that might be in need of replacement. Something that looks rusty or well-worn might be a prime candidate. If everything looks in good condition, it’s time to consider new and exciting additions.


Accessories might include gardening gloves, a kneeling mat or perhaps pots or hanging baskets. It depends on the type of gardener and what they are trying to create. This also requires a bit of detective work. What are they usually doing when working in the garden? Does it look labour intensive and tool driven? Or more relaxing and like a leisure activity? Answering these questions will guide someone to the right gift for garden maintenance in Wimbledon.

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