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In general, all homes are safe against prying eyes and burglaries. It’s a place where you can act however you please, do what you want, and be free to be just yourself. If you think your home isn’t as private and secure as you want it to be, you’ll start to become ill-at-ease.

Worrying about your home’s privacy, safety, and security is a valid concern. Everybody deserves to be safe and secure at home anyway. In fact, according to the Eco Experts, a home burglary takes place in the UK every 106 seconds. Not only that, your nosy neighbors can see your every move.

Fortunately, you can do something about your privacy and security concerns. With the combination of a few products and security measures, you can keep your home safe and secure. Find out what these products and measures are below.

For Your Home’s Entrances

Start with your home’s entrances. Make sure that all doors have locks. If you just moved into a new home occupied by another family before, change all the door locks. And don’t use just any lock. Deadbolts are far better than door chains.

Installing a peephole or a wide-angle door viewer on your main front door can also make your home safer. If you’re not expecting anyone, you can check out who’s knocking before you open your door.

Inspect all door hardware, too. Hinges, door frames, and doorknobs must be functional and without any issues. Make sure that screw heads are not visible to prevent them from being unscrewed by burglars.

Do the same with your sliding doors if you have them. Reinforce them with a dowel in the door track or a window bar. This can keep the doors from being forced open. Check all its hardware, too. The lock, door track, and frames must be in good condition.

For the Windows

If thieves can’t get into any of your doors, they will attempt entry from the windows. Make sure that all your windows have locks in them, including your basement windows.

To ensure privacy, dress windows with curtains, drapes, or blinds. You can keep them open during the day to let the sunshine in, but keep them close at night. For an added layer of privacy, use window tints or one-way privacy window films. You can choose a film that completely blocks the outside view but allows clear views from the inside.

Add window embellishments and film on your sliding doors, too. It’s great that you can see your yard from the inside, but it’s not a good idea that people from the outside can see everything inside your home.

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For the Garage

Some burglars enter a home through the garage. Most people leave the door connecting the garage and their house open, believing the garage is secure against thieves. If you also do this, stop doing it. Make sure that this door is locked, especially at night.

Keep the garage door closed, too. Even if you’re at home, keep it locked. Some people leave the garage door open when they’re mowing the lawn or playing outside with their kids. It’s unnecessary to lock the door while you’re doing any of this, but at least keep it closed. Leaving it open is like inviting anyone to come into your home.

If your garage door is automatic, make sure it’s functional. Inspect all its hardware and mechanism, too. Fix any problem immediately if there are any.

For the Lights

There should be sufficient lighting around your homeā€”in the porch and the yard. There should be an automatic light for your porch that turns on when someone is at the door at night. This can make it easier to see through the door viewer who it is.

In your yard, there should be motion-sensor lights that can detect movement. You’ll know if someone is snooping around your home when the light suddenly turns on at night.

Using a timer for your indoor lights can also improve security. If you’re not at home, indoor lights will turn on by themselves. This can show strangers that someone is at home, which can deter thieves. In fact, according to a BBC report, there was s significant drop in burglaries during the height of the pandemic because people had to stay home.

Reinforce Your Home Security System

You don’t have to spend a lot to maintain a secure home. However, if you have the budget, reinforce your security measures with a simple alarm system, especially if you live near a high-risk neighborhood.

You don’t have to do all the tips here at once. Don’t hurry inspection of your doors and windows to ensure that you’ve got everything covered. Take one measure at a time, but act early. Identify which areas need reinforcement first and then work from there. After all, is done, you can indeed have a safe and secure home to live in.

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