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A modern farmhouse is no doubt one of the sought-after designs for residential properties. No matter if it is an authentic country home or a modern living space, achieving this style is absolutely possible. The farmhouse design is loved by many due to its inviting and warm ambience, which is both calming and relaxing for most individuals.

This style is also perfect for people who want to create a family-friendly environment while still showing off some natural and architectural details. From traditional country styles to modern minimalist elements, a farmhouse design can fill your living space with character and warmth. Continue reading to find out how you can turn your dull living space into an approachable farmhouse.

1. Inviting and open

A welcoming vibe is a key design element when it comes to farmhouses. Just like in other houses, the dining room and the kitchen are where the heart of the home is. This is exactly why these areas should not only be functional but are also inviting and open. You can install huge glass windows, bar-top seating, large block islands, and deep sinks to make the space airier and more inviting. If you want to open up the area more, you can have glass-front cabinets or open shelving to store your dishware collection and other accents. Or, you can also install some barn-style sliding doors to add a traditional accent into the space.

2. Simple yet elegant

The farmhouse style is popular for its simplistic layout, getting rid of a complex roofline and elaborate molding. Instead of using fancy materials such as walnut or mahogany, this design chooses the minimalist aesthetic of oak and pine to create wide-plank boards. But while simplicity is a major design element in a traditional farmhouse, it should not lack elegance in any way.

Your space should still have details and proportions that can help build your living space’s character. You can check out traditional farmhouses in the countryside to have a clearer idea of the high-style architecture and carpentry details used in such structures.

3. Historical and authentic

No matter how many modern devices and appliances you put in your home, the authentic farmhouse style should lose its sense of history. The aesthetic of this design revolves around authenticity, which involves the history of the house, architectural language, and community. A modern farmhouse must still feel like it’s carved out into its environment. In terms of the location’s history, you can incorporate patriotic or symbolic accent pieces in the house.

House with landscaped garden

One perfect example is a customized wooden American flag, which can be designed with an authentic and vintage look. Such accent pieces are also great for creating an impression in period-inspired dining rooms and kitchens in farmhouses. Besides that, you can use carriage-style and raised-panel doors and historically inspired wall paints.

4. Natural and organic

To enhance the sense of place of your farmhouse, incorporate salvaged natural materials into your space. Organic materials can create a sense of sustainability, uniqueness, character, and warmth, especially if they’re salvaged. Among the best is wood, which is typically built into beams and boards to upgrade the house’s look. Wood is also ideal for flooring, cabinetry, and furniture.

Apart from wood, there’s the sturdy combination of brick and stone, typically used for quoin, cornices, fireplaces, and facades in modern farmhouses. This building material is generally inexpensive, so you can surely save a lot of money too. There’s also iron that is usually used for hardware such as box locks, latch hinges, and lighting. Take part in protecting the environment by using repurposed materials.

5. Neutral with a bit of contrast

The modern farmhouse style doesn’t divert too far from traditional red barns and buttermilk yellow areas. Opting for a neutral color palette is an excellent way to make the space look cleaner and more minimalistic. If you want to add warmth and contract, don’t hesitate to use different neutral tones. Just choose those that belong to the same color family. You can go with different shades of grays, beiges, and whites. Another way to play with contrast is by adding textures, which is a staple for a modern aesthetic. These textures can come from dark metal fixtures, organic furniture pieces, and other light decor accents.

Recreating a modern farmhouse style in your home can surely improve the quality of your and your family’s living. Take note of these tips and use them as inspirations in creating your farmhouse. Still, you should explore more on this design without forgetting to add some personal touches, too.

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