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Reaching the point where kitchen extract cleaning is an absolute necessity is a daunting realisation for any commercial kitchen. This is not as unlikely as one might believe – approximately 80% of kitchen extract systems in the UK have never been cleaned and hence can lead to potential fire hazards.

Unlike your basic home kitchen, the commercial variant is exposed to a lot of daily activity. Much of this activity includes various kinds of fluids and substances, making cleaning quite a challenge.

Here are the best ways to start:

Enforce Cleaning Assignments

The main deterrent to keeping any workspace clean is a lack of organisation; this is especially true in the kitchen. If there are no clear assignments as to who will clean what, people tend to pass off what they aren’t explicitly asked to do to other people, leaving many areas uncleaned. The key response to this is to organise the kitchen cleanliness around people who are given the responsibility for specific areas of the kitchen. This gives people the drive to handle their own areas with a lot of care knowing they’re accountable.

Clean Ventilation

Another important consideration that you need to take is the ventilation in your kitchen. Apart from circulating cool air around your kitchen, it also draws out any smoke and smelly air. It’s that smoke that tends to eventually clog up the system as a whole. In order to prevent heat from building up or odours from getting trapped, you need to get your ventilation cleaned. It’s even best to have this done professionally.

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Deep Clean

If your kitchen is in really bad shape, there’s absolutely no reason to despair. There’s kitchen extract cleaning that you can count on to restore your kitchen to look as good as new. A professional team comes in and identifies the dirtiest part of the kitchen—especially those with a lot of grime and dirt—and applies the strongest yet safest chemicals to take care of the problems. They also scour the kitchen for any other problem areas that might exist. It’s simply the best way to ensure that everything stays clean longer.

Proper Equipment

Finally, in order to keep things clean in your kitchen, you have to provide your people with the equipment and gear that they need to get the job done. This includes brooms, mops, vacuums, high-powered cleaners, etc. Keep supplies of detergents and cleansers in full stock to ensure that there’s always something they draw upon to continue maintaining your kitchen. Make sure these are assigned accordingly so people have something to use when it’s needed.

Don’t wait for health inspectors to come in and tell you that your commercial kitchen has problems. You should take charge when it comes to cleanliness to ensure that operations run smoothly and cleanly. It’s as much as you owe your patrons. The key to doing so is taking the conscientious effort to invest in the right people and equipment. If you’re feeling helpless, there are always professional cleaners who can take the job out of your hands.

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