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If you have trees in your home, consider them your assets that offer multiple benefits. Trees add curb appeal to your home and provide you with shade, fresh air, and even food.

That said, you must take good care of the trees that grow in your premises. Maintaining them is key to keeping them green and blooming. Even the simplest tree care routines can make a big difference.

Here are the best ways to care for these big greens, so they’d last for many years:

Regular Trimming

Regular trimming appointments give your trees the right shape and prevent overgrowth that results in unruly branches. Your tree can benefit a lot from regular trimming, especially with the type of weather in Murray. If your tree needs more than regular trimming and requires pruning, have a professional arborist do the job to ensure that the cut is done right and the tree stays in good shape. Look for a company that offers expert tree trimming services in Murray.

Regular trimming and pruning are also good for the trees’ ability to bear fruits. These methods help induce flowering, so you can enjoy delicious fruits right in your backyard.

Slow Watering

Trees need regular watering to survive, especially during the warmer months of the year. To ensure that your trees survive all year long, use a slow and steady watering system by way of gradually soaking the soil with slowly flowing water from a sink hose. This allows the soil to retain more moisture. This gives more time for the roots to absorb the water to keep the tree hydrated for longer. It’s best to water your trees and other plants early in the morning when the sun is not so hot yet.

trees in a garden

Proper Mulching

Another simple way to care for your trees is by mulching. Mulch gives the tree a protective layer on the ground and around it. It works as a fertilizer, keeps the weeds away, keeps the soil cool, and retain moisture during extreme temperatures. Remember to remove the older mulch before putting in a new layer and keep it away from the bark of the tree. The ideal height of mulch is 2-3 layers and the ideal time to change it is every week.


Applying a potent fertilizer is necessary to keep the trees healthy and flourishing. If you want to stay chemical-free, then use organic fertilizers so that there will be no carbon footprint in your backyard garden and the fruits will be healthier and safer to eat.

These four basic care and maintenance tips can help extend the life of your tree, allow them to flourish, and keep them looking beautiful all year long. Trees not only make your property look more appealing; they also give you fresh air and provide shade to keep your home cool and comfortable. Enjoy the many benefits by giving your trees the best care they can get – it’s one of the best investments you can make for your home. If you need help, be sure to call the professionals.

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