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Dust ruffles, commonly known as bed skirts, were made to be practical pieces, mainly for concealing unsightly things that could be seen in traditional, standard beds, which are the box spring, mattress, and frame. They’re also instrumental in keeping out dust bunnies, hiding things stored under the bed, and preventing drafts of winter air from chilling your bed’s underside.

Bed skirts could also lend a stylish component to your bedroom look. If you’re interested in incorporating bed skirts into your bedroom decor, below are basic types to choose from:

  • Shirred or Gathered

    This design is among the most popular bed skirt types. It’s curvilinear, soft, and looks like loosely bunched fabric that’s gathered to make lovely folds. Although this design is mostly associated with more feminine bedrooms, it could be efficiently used in all kinds of rooms, without looking too feminine. It all depends on the fabric type and design. For example, you could use a plaid bed skirt fabric to contrast with a practical white silk comforter or coverlet. Likewise, if you want a fuller effect, you could opt for a ruffled, tiered style.

  • Tailored

    This design offers a more streamlined, simpler, and flatter look, and are ideal for more formal or masculine bedroom styles. Tailored bed skirts usually come with pleats, and pleats come in various styles that would lend different looks to the overall design of a bedroom. Standard and reversed or inverted box pleats are usually used for more formal and minimalist bedrooms. While ruched pleats, tightly gathered small fabric pleats, and swag pleats, with their looser pleats of fabric, would lend a more detailed and dramatic look to any bedroom.

  • Eyelet

    Flat eyelet fabric panels are perfect for girly, traditional, and romantic bedroom styles.

  • Embellished

    If you’re looking to make your bed skirt more personalized, adding embellishments is the way to go. You could go with decorative trims, fabric bands, fringes, beads, and buttons among others. These embellishments would draw attention to your bed skirt by lending a visually linear and weighted focal point.

With the attention you give to selecting your silk comforter, coverlet, duvet, pillows, and quilts, you should do the same to your bed skirt. Yes, they’re very practical and efficiently keep away pesky dust bunnies. But knowing the different style of bed skirts you could choose from could add an extra element of style to your bedroom.

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