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Ensuring that there are no bed bugs in your home can help you avoid many health risks due to infestation. Bed bugs in Utah are increasing with many private residences and establishments like hotels reporting infestation problems, according to the Utah Department of Health and Utah State University insect diagnostician Ryan Davis. The reason for the increase of bed bug infestation is unknown.

Some people usually ignore the harmful effects of bed bugs, noting that the bugs would stay even in the cleanest home. However, it is essential to get help from a pest control and management company in exterminating bed bugs. Find out why with this list of health risks and infestation problems.

Chagas Disease

Bed bugs can cause and transmit a tropical parasitic disease known as Chagas, according to the study of medical researchers in the Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics. Chagas disease is recorded in over 8 million people worldwide and kills 50,000 people annually. The study revealed that bed bugs that feed on the blood of parasite-infected mice and other bacteria are dangerous. When their feces get in contact with open wounds or bug bites, it can cause Chagas disease. Bed bugs can also transmit the bacteria that cause this condition.

Sleeplessness and stress could lead to insomnia

Swelling of the skin due to bug bites can cause itching and loss of sleep and wakefulness for recurring cases. It also leads to stress and less energy. This could contribute to anxiety, irritability, and loss of focus.

These problems can be avoided if you will prevent infestation immediately after noticing that there are bed bugs in your home. Bug bites can be noticed or developed 14 days after the infection. Thus, it is also important to observe signs of infestation like sweet musty odor in your bed.

Don’t let the bed bugs bite, as the saying goes! Be informed and get assistance from professional pest control companies for the best ways to avoid bed bugs in Utah.

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