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When it comes to outdoor spaces, a balcony is sometimes overlooked. 

Even though this outdoor space is a dream for most people, some just don’t give the time of day to make the most out of this space.

Balconies are typically enclosed by railings and may or may not be covered. Historically, this was used as a viewing platform. But now, balconies are commonly used for relaxing, dining, entertaining guests on warm days, or simply enjoying the views of your surroundings.

This outdoor space has gotten popular recently. An increase of 84 percent was noted in searches for apartment balconies among renters. 

The uptick in popularity is likely because having your own private outdoor space ranks high on most renters’ wish lists. This is especially true for those who live in crowded urban areas without much room outside or have very little rooftop space.

Balcony as an Adaptable Outdoor Space

An apartment balcony is a versatile outdoor space you can design to suit your lifestyle. Certain features make a balcony adaptable, such as the size and proportions of the space, orientation to the environment, and relationship with other spaces.

Balcony Functionality

The first consideration for an adaptable balcony design is functionality. Functionality means that your balcony should be a space you can use and enjoy. 

Balcony as an Adaptable Outdoor Space

The sitting area should be comfortable, and you should organize the space to accommodate your living habits and requirements.

An essential aspect of balcony functionality is safety. Many people have small children or pets that they need to keep an eye on while they are outdoors. You should install railings, balconies, and steps with safety in mind.

Balconies come in many different shapes and sizes, so it’s essential to consider your space’s square footage and proportions when deciding how you want to use it.

Balcony Aesthetics

Aesthetics are also important when it comes to designing your balcony. It is an outdoor space, so you want to ensure that your terrace feels welcoming and comfortable. Consider landscaping and the color scheme of the furniture, seats, railings, etc.

Balcony Orientation

Another factor that can affect the adaptability of your balcony is orientation. Orientation refers to the position of your balcony about other spaces and elements, such as nearby buildings or trees.

Balcony as an Adaptable Outdoor Space

Balconies oriented toward green spaces, such as parks or gardens, can be excellent spots for relaxing and enjoying nature. Likewise, balconies oriented toward busy city streets may work better as outdoor dining areas or social spaces.

Connection to Indoor Space

Finally, the relationship between your balcony and other indoor spaces is also important. For example, you can connect your balcony directly to your kitchen or dining area, allowing you to quickly bring food and drinks outside when you’re hosting parties or barbecues. Balconies that connect to living areas can also be excellent spots for morning coffee or cozy evening gatherings with friends and family.

Balcony Ideas

Enhancing the balcony decor is an excellent way to use a small outdoor space that is often neglected. You can decorate your open balcony in many different ways, making it a place where you want to spend your time.

Maximize the Floor Space of a Small Balcony

Maximizing the floor space in an apartment balcony can be a challenge. But it’s essential to make the most of every square foot. One way to do this is by using outdoor furniture that can be tucked or folded away when not in use.

For instance, a folding table and chairs can be conveniently stowed against a wall or inside an alcove when not in use. Folding furniture for outdoor use makes the small space of a tiny balcony a more spacious appearance.

You can also use nesting tables, which are small tables that stack on top of each other and can be tucked away when not in use. This table type is a good alternative to folding furniture on tiny balconies.

Create a Garden

If you have a green thumb, setting up a garden is an excellent idea for your apartment balcony. You can use potted plants for small balconies. But if you have enough space, you can go for the full garden setup and use soil to grow plants in the ground. 

Balcony as an Adaptable Outdoor Space

Hanging planters in the corner are also a good option to make your balcony look good.

Another option is to install a vertical garden to give you more space for a coffee table and other balcony furniture. Vertical gardening integrates beautifully with any balcony decor.

When choosing outdoor plants for your balcony garden, think about what will thrive in the conditions you’re offering.

Choose plants that grow well in shady conditions if you have limited sunlight. On the other hand, compact plants that do not take up too much room are ideal for small spaces.

Install a Privacy Screen

Installing a privacy screen is an effective way to keep nosy neighbors out and create extra privacy on your balcony. There are a few different options you can choose from, including bamboo shades, hanging curtains, and solid screens that you can quickly secure to the balcony railing.

To start, choose a material that will provide adequate coverage while also being easy to install. You may opt for bamboo shades if you’re looking for a more natural look or vinyl curtains if you want something easy to clean.

You can also place tall plants along the balcony railing, especially those with thick leaves to block any views from below.

Once you’ve chosen your preferred privacy screen material, you should secure the screen to the railing using screws or hooks. With these simple balcony design ideas, you can make your small balcony feel like a beautiful retreat where you can relax and enjoy the scenery.

Create a Personal Space

Balconies are an excellent place to create a personal space. They offer a little privacy without being too far away from the action. In addition, they’re usually comfortable and provide a beautiful view.

To give your balcony personal touches, you can decorate it with things that make you feel comfortable and at home. You can put throw pillows, an outdoor rug, or even a hanging chair. Coffee tables can also be excellent additions to your balcony scene.

Hanging string lights can also help to create a welcoming and warm atmosphere. They can also serve as the focal point of even the smallest balcony. You can hang them from the railing or place them on the floor, depending on your preference.

Setting up a lounge chair in the seating area is another excellent way to feel comfortable and relaxed. You can also opt for a minimalist look by setting up floor pillows and a small table for your outdoor area.

Installing interlocking deck tiles can also give the balcony a clean and polished look. Wicker furniture with comfy seat cushions and decorative pillows can also double as accessories that can help create a personal and cozy space on your balcony. New throw pillows can also be an excellent addition to your balcony.

No matter what style of space you’re looking to create, there are plenty of ways to make it happen. Just be sure to have fun with the process and enjoy your new outdoor retreat.

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