James Mitchell

The stairs are a major foundation of any home, so it is important to choose a design that would reflect your home’s overall look. One interesting style is the cantilevered structure, which brings a modern touch to give your home a unique vibe.

Have a standout space saver staircase

What makes suspended stairs different from other styles is their design. Also known as floating stairs, this type gets its name from the literal appearance of floating when viewed at eye level. That is because the beams are attached or pegged onto a wall.

This not only gives activity to the major wall in your living space, but it also provides a nice illusion that gives the area a modern touch.

Use a variety of materials

The appeal of suspended stairs is the modern touch that it gives a home. Its beauty lies in the versatility of the kind of material that can be used. Homeowners can use a variety of materials, such as stone, wood, steel, metal, and even glass, in creating your cantilevered staircase.

Depending on which material you go for, you can change the feel of the space. Using wooden slabs can add a rustic touch, while a stainless steel staircase speaks more of a strong foundation.

Create drama with different styles

Creating a cantilevered staircase can vary depending on the material used. But even using the same material can create a different kind of drama, especially when paired with other factors.

Wooden planks can be paired with a playful, stark white wall to make it stand out even more. Pegging the beams to a wall with the same hue and finish can give a homier finish, especially if your home has a lot of wooden furnishes. Another trick to employ would be to use different metals.

Suspended stairs add a bit of flair to the home while keeping your area clean with lines that traverse the eye.

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