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While your refrigerator is a reliable machine, this doesn’t mean that it can serve you forever. Just like any other appliance, your fridge is likely to fail if you abuse and neglect it. The repercussions can be costly, as your food can spoil faster, which means that you’ll have to throw them away and shop again. Your electric bills can also go higher.

Appliance and refrigerator repair experts in Salt Lake City share the mistakes you’re probably making and how to avoid them.

Failing to clean the coils

These may be out sight, but letting the coils get dusty can keep the appliance from operating efficiently. A coil brush, which is available at a hardware store, is all you need to clean the condenser coils, which can be located on the back or the bottom.

Packing it too full

It may be okay to fill the shelves, but be sure to avoid overstacking. You need to leave some space in the fridge to let the air circulate and keep the stored items cool enough. Make sure that you can comfortably reach the items in the back of your fridge.

Using harsh chemicals

While your fridge may be filled with spills, leaks, and other obvious messes, you don’t need to use toxic chemicals to get rid of them. Green cleaners or even a mixture of water and baking soda (or vinegar) is enough for giving it a scrub down.

Failing to seal the door completely

Your fridge has a piece of rubber (that is often magnetized) in the door keep the cold air in. Even if the door appears shut, make sure that it’s sealed completely. If it doesn’t fully close, something inside may be obstructing it. If this is not the case, refrigerator repair pros suggest replacing the seal/gasket or re-magnetizing it.

Putting hot food (in deep containers)

Putting an extremely hot pot of soup in the fridge may cause the bacteria to multiply faster, making the food unsafe for consumption. It’s best to divide it and place the hot food in smaller containers.

Apart from avoiding these mistakes, be sure to have your appliance checked if you notice something wrong it. It is best to contact an appliance repair company instead of relying on online videos and how-to guides.

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