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Some homeowners or renters opt to carry out some do-it-yourself tasks at home, and it gives them the pride to complete some of these tasks. Unfortunately, some things cannot be fixed without the help of an expert. For instance, you cannot handle an emergency plumbing issue without the help of a professional plumber.

Every homeowner or renter understands that plumbing emergencies are bound to happen at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, what they don’t know is when the concern will arise, and the specific plumbing emergency. Unfortunately, you cannot avoid every crisis. However, you can learn about the common plumbing emergencies so that you know when to call for help.

Frozen Water Pipes

Water inside the pipes in your basement can freeze if you haven’t protected the pipes against the cold. The plumbing concern can be irritating during the winter months, and it can also result in severe problems. You probably haven’t insulated your water pipes if you keep experiencing frozen pipes when the temperatures are below freezing. Otherwise, you might have to call an emergency plumber to deal with frozen water pipes at night or during the weekend.

Burst Water Pipes

These are among the most common plumbing emergencies experienced by homeowners. Pipes burst after thawing cycles and freezing. Water turns into ice after freezing, which increases its mass and it expands. Water that fails to freeze is under high pressure. When the pressure is high, it blows out at a connection or the water line. You should shut off the primary water source as you wait for an emergency plumber to arrive.

professional plumber doing a routine check upOverflowing Toilets

One of the most disgusting plumbing emergencies that you don’t want to handle is an overflowing toilet. You shouldn’t wait for an extra minute to call an emergency plumber when you have an overflowing toilet. However, make sure that you turn off the water as you wait for the plumber to arrive. The best part is that emergency plumbers are available 24/7 to attend to your plumbing dilemmas.

Blocked Shower Drains and Bathtubs

One of the most dreadful things is taking a shower and water rising above your ankles. You might be having a clog if you notice a weird gurgling noise coming up from the drain. Clogs are usually caused by soap scum and buildup of hair. You should call a plumber once you notice signs of a blocked shower drains or when your bathtub gets blocked.

Issues with Water Heaters or Boilers

People dread taking cold showers in the morning. However, you might have to shiver while getting ready for the morning when your furnace or water heater becomes faulty. Fortunately, you can prevent that by calling a plumber to fix the issue immediately. That way, you can enjoy a warm shower in the morning.

In the end, you should not delay addressing any of the given issues because they could result in worse problems. A quick response is paramount when you experience a plumbing emergency. You should contact a reliable and experienced plumber to handle your pipe emergencies.

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