James Mitchell

It is the colour that never goes out of style, especially in interior design: white. The clean, soft and pure hue is a classic choice when decorating a space. Classic as it is though, many find it difficult to pull off the all-white style, the moment they pick up the brush and paint.

It may look straightforward at first, but a seemingly little mistake such as choosing the wrong shade may result in a flat-looking space, making it an expensive mistake.

Principles of the All-White Space

Before you turn your house into an all-white space, you have to remember a few key principles. The first is natural light. Know the orientation to which the room faces. When there is a steady stream of natural light coming into the room, it is better to use cooler white to improve the lighting in these areas.

Otherwise, go for warmer tones of white. Another thing you should keep in mind is textures. Without textures, an all-white room may look flat and boring. So rather than painting the entire wall bare white, you may want to add some accents on it like white bricks or textured fabrics.

From the Inside Out

It is also important to reflect what is inside on the house’s facade. Remember, there should be continuity when pulling off the all-white colour scheme. Exterior contractors or painters saw a rising trend in the recent years in white paint becoming a go-to option for exteriors, especially in modern homes.

Most homeowners think that a white exterior gives that neat, crisp first impression. For some, the white exterior gives that perfect background for other facade elements they wanted to highlight, like their aluminium front doors or vinyl shutters. This is a design principle you can also incorporate in your interiors.

An all-white interior is a perfect background for your art pieces. That is why many designers encourage filling white spaces with works of art. It does not just give an accent to blank walls, but also add some visual variety in a room.

The colour white is a classic choice for many modern homes. While it takes a huge effort to pull off an all-white house, its aesthetics and the clean, good mood it offers to the space makes all the effort worth it.

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