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Before you begin any home project, you should check with different contractors and appraisers. That will ensure that you get the most out of that project. Home renovations are always expensive and difficult. They’re a lot of work that’s necessary if you want that extra room or space. Whatever your reason may be for wanting extra space in your home, you should weigh in the kind of house addition that you need and can afford.

Families can prefer to get granny flat builders. These are DIY kits that let you build a granny flat in a few days. That is if you are handy with a hammer and a drill. You need some of those skills to build this one. Granny flats are great because they are essentially a new house that you put in your own backyard. However, you should check with your local municipal office about zoning requirements and housing taxes.

Garage, Basement, and Attic Conversion

It is tempting to convert your garage, basement, or attic into an extra living space. Many families prefer to have that extra bedroom instead of the garage housing two cars, which can be parked in the driveway anyway. The basement is another room in the house that can be transformed into a home gym or an office. The basement can be dark, cold, and dingy at times, but with some lights and new paint, it will feel cozy, too.

It is easier to convert a garage to a bedroom or additional kitchen space because the structure is already in place. For garages, however, the contractor needs to tap it into the main house’s plumbing and HVAC system.

Patio Addition

Adding an open or enclosed patio to your house is a great way to entertain guests. You don’t have to welcome them right in your living room. You can set up a buffet table and some chairs on your patio. You can keep the rest of the house from being invaded by your guests as long as your patio is well-designed.

The best thing about adding a patio is that you often have to extend only the main roof over it. You can choose to have an open patio, which means that you don’t have to put up walls, or you can have a screened-in patio. You often don’t need additional zoning permits to extend a patio from your main house.

Deck Addition

Adding a deck

If you live near the woods, you should get a deck for your house. In spring, it is the nicest feeling to have your breakfast outdoors. Can you imagine how calming it is to look at your own backyard from the deck? It doesn’t have to be a large deck, either. You can put it up in a day or two. You need only a few slabs of wood to make a deck. You can have it enclosed or like the patio, have it in the open air.

Consider what you need the space for before deciding what kind of room addition your house needs. Although room additions are not always cheap, there are some techniques that you can do so that you won’t have to pull out a five-figure from your pocket. Talk to an architect and contractor about the cheapest options for a house extension.

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