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It’s tempting to spend most of your time indoors browsing your phone, sitting in front of the computer or basking in the glow of a television screen. However, it’s also important to spend time outdoors. Several studies by doctors and psychologists suggest that staying outdoors benefits your health, as doing so improves memory, eliminates fatigue, lowers blood sugar and enhances productivity.

With the fresh air and the colourful sceneries, it’s no surprise that some people decide to bring nature into their house through outdoor-inspired decor. Some methods you can use to add a natural feel to your home are:

Adding Plants and Flowers

The easiest way to include nature in your home decor is by adding plants and flowers. Before you scatter foliage in your house, figure out whether you can commit to maintaining them regularly. If you prefer plants requiring less watering and trimming, opt for potted succulents or buy faux plants. Another factor is if the plants thrive indoors. Some flowers like begonias and orchids flourish in high-humidity areas, so you can place them in your bathroom.

Use Natural Materials

Certain materials help bring your home closer to nature. For example, choosing bamboo or stone for flooring helps give the indoors a more natural look.

You can also use these natural materials to make certain areas of the house stand out. A stone washbasin adds a visual appeal to your bathroom compared to a traditional sink made of porcelain.

Bring in Natural Fibres, Textures and Patterns

The material of your furnishing plays a role in making your space a comfortable place to relax. Furniture made of earth-friendly materials like hemp, rattan and wicker will give your home the look and feel of nature. If you have existing furniture but still want to add a touch of the outdoors, add rugs, baskets and other home accessories made of natural textiles.

Let Natural Light in Your Home

Using natural light not only reduces your energy consumption and lowers your electricity bill and it also boosts your overall health. Being exposed to more natural light improves sleep and decreases the risk of migraines and eye strain, among other benefits.

If you have a garden and if budget permits, enlarge your windows or convert the walls of your living room or kitchen into a glass facade. If you live somewhere like the ‘garden of England’ in Kent, or anywhere else where nature’s beauty is on display, installing glass rooms in your home is a worthy investment.

Use Outdoor-Inspired Colours

Living room

When working on a natural-themed home, don’t forget to factor in a colour scheme. Beyond green and earthy tones, consider blue, teal and aqua to give the interiors a feel of the ocean. Using yellow evokes a sense of freshness, while neutral colours like white and beige make your home look clean and spacious.

Incorporate your colour scheme either by painting the walls or bring them out in artworks, furniture and accessories.

Embracing outdoor elements helps make your home a relaxing and comforting space. Using natural materials and bringing in natural light does wonders in giving a boost of energy indoors.

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