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Winter is a hard time for everyone – especially your home. Here’s what you should know to prepare your house and your family for winter.

Have Your Heating Fixed

Heating repair in Salt Lake City is best done before winter to make sure it functions perfectly during the cold months. Employ reliable firms such as Whipple Service Champions for this.

Keep in mind that heating is responsible for a large chunk of your electric bills – which is why a well-maintained heating system is essential to keep those charges minimum.

Reverse Your Ceiling Fan

Some ceiling fans today have a reverse option, which basically means that hot air will be pushed downwards to the room. Since warm air rises, most of the heat will be over your head where it won’t do much good. With a reverse ceiling fan motion, however, you’ll get more warm air the cheap way.

Restock on your Winter Needs

Reflect on all the things you needed last winter and stock up on them, keeping in mind the items that you’ll be using often. Salt and ice melt are only some of the examples.

Have Your Ceiling Checked

This should be done to make sure your ceiling will withstand the weight of the snow at its worst. Professionals can also check for leaks in the home, which could let warm air out. Caulk the windows and other exits should be inspected to guarantee that there’s no place for the cold to pass through.

Clean the Gutter

A backed up gutter can cause water to accumulate on the roof, which can cause damage over time. Clean it now, so water flows unobstructed by the time the snow melts.

Have the Fireplace Cleaned

A clean fireplace means you can start some much-needed heat without the fear of carbon monoxide invading your home. When not in use though, keep the flue closed because the opening can cause warm air to escape.

Of course, those are just some of the techniques you can use. Keep in mind that with the weather becoming more unpredictable, it pays to be ready for any eventuality.

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