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Rodents bring along with them several health risks. When they contaminate food, they cause infectious diseases. They also cause damage by burrowing and feeding on different items. Once you notice or suspect an infestation, it’s prudent that you contact exterminators specializing in rodent control, such as those from IPM Pest Control in Boca Raton, Florida. Once they carry out a successful extermination process, try to identify what’s attracting rodents into your home so you can avoid recurrence.

Easy Access

Rats are good at climbing and fitting through small holes. If you notice gaps, holes, and cracks in your building structure, your home is open to rodents. Seal any openings in the roof vents and under garage doors, as well as cracks in the walls and spaces around wires or pipes. Trees near your home also offer easy access to your house through the roof.

Poor Sanitation

Poor sanitation practices like leaving leftover food lying around and open garbage bins attract rodents. The smell will push them into your home as they look for food. Yards and lawns that are left for long without mowing make an ideal nesting and hiding place.


By nature, rodents are nesting and burrowing creatures. As a result, they are attracted to clutter, which provides them with a warm hideout. When you let clutter accumulate in your home, the rodents get comfortable and will easily reproduce since you can’t reach them easily.

Previous Non-Sanitized Rodent Infestation

If you had a rodent infestation in the past that was cleared but not cleaned, your home is still open to rodents. They can easily detect familiar scents and nesting materials from the past. These infestation remnants assure them that your place is habitable.

Ripe Fruits and Vegetables in the Garden

Rats are highly attracted to food. If you don’t pick fallen ripe fruits and vegetables, the rats will find a way to your garden and eventually into your house.

To keep your home free from rodents, take action against the above factors. Eliminate anything that makes your space ideal for them to thrive.

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