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Whether you are renovating or replacing flooring, finding the right type can be very tricky. If you are not sure of the kind and style you want, hardwood flooring might be one of your top choices. This type is not only elegant, but it has a thicker wear surface as well because of its natural properties.

Santa Ana, CA, has a number of specialty stores that sell home hardware products, including hardwood flooring. To help you choose the best store, follow the guide below.

Know your sub-floor first

If you have a plywood sub-floor, choose solid hardwood. Solid hardwood on plywood is best for long-term use. If you have concrete sub-flooring, you can use engineered flooring — that is if you have even or smooth sub-floor.

Prepare your budget wisely

Hardwood installation

Hardwood flooring can be very expensive as fewer homes and buildings are now using concrete (hard), carpet, and laminate flooring. There are also a number of floor preparations (hence, added costs) before installation.

Be on guard with cheap products

Cheaper flooring does not mean you will get the same quality (or close to it) as more expensive ones. You get what you pay for. Most of the cheap products are made of low-grade wood, low-class milling or produced with low-quality finishes.

Consider the type of usage

If you have a busy home, expect a lot of sources for wear and tear. There are prescribed finishes. Choose lighter colors so scratches will not be obvious. Satin finishes do not show dirt. Oil-based poly holds up better than waterborne.

Choose the right finish

Speaking of finish, there is penetrating oil, oil hybrids, polyurethanes, and UV-cured urethane finishes. Oil gives that soft and natural feel but is not as impermeable to stains as polyurethane. Oil is easier to brush up than polyurethane.

Hardwood floors are aesthetically pleasing. They are perfect for adding contrast and character to your home. However, when you make a purchase, be aware first of the value it gives you in terms of use.

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