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Swimming pools are a luxury that most people can’t afford. If you can afford it, though, you have a world of possibilities that could open up to you in terms of relaxation and cooling off. Before you call your custom swimming pool contractor in Utah, you should more thoughtfully consider the design to go for. There are many options available to any discerning pool owner.

Here are some of the most creative ideas that you can implement to make sure that the pool you are getting is exactly the way you want it to be.

The basic

If you’re all for the basic pool design, then there’s nothing wrong with that. Provided that you have the space for it — remember that you want a decent sized rectangle — it’s actually a pretty safe design to go for. Simply make sure you clearly delineate a shallow and deep end for everyone’s consideration. The benefit of having the basic design is that it allows you to exercise and perform laps from end to end.

The tub

For those who have smaller spaces in their backyard, you can go for a pool design that doesn’t require digging. The trick with the tub is that it’s actually elevated and circular, allowing you to maximize on space. Common design considerations include classic wood and steel considerations as well as even full on above ground constructions. The downside is uniformity in water levels.

The squiggly

A large squiggly swimming poolMany put off calling their custom swimming pool contractor because they simply seem to not have enough space to put in a pool. Modern pool design accounts for this, allowing for turns that meander around trees and other constructions that currently stand on your property.

As there isn’t a fixed shape, it’s difficult to come with consistent shifts in water levels. It can be done, but should be done conscientiously.

The deck

If your home and land has any sort of elevation, the deck idea has a whole range of creative ideas that you can try out. One that’s popular these days is the infinity pool concept where water seems to flow straight into infinity. You can even work on concepts that feature a viewing port that overlooks the lower elevations of your home. The beauty of this design is that it can provide infinite possibilities.

Heated pools

This isn’t a separate concept in itself. Rather, it’s one that you can apply to any other concept. This is an especially critical consideration due to the sometimes cooler winters in Utah. A great custom pool contractor can easily apply heating to your pool to ensure that it’s usable through all the seasons, allowing you a lot of aquatic enjoyment all year round.

The key to getting the pool that you will truly enjoy is to spend time thinking about what you want from it and what you want to enjoy it for. Look through these designs and think about your limitations and your needs. Consult your contractor so you all can discuss carefully what the best design will ultimately be for your own swimming pool.

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