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Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) units are machines, and like any machine, they can break down at any moment, sometimes during the summer months when the air-conditioning is needed the most.

But, before you call your go-to HVAC specialist in Draper, perform an initial check on your unit. Some issues are minor that you can solve them on your own, while others may require expert hands. Nevertheless, here are the common causes of residential HVAC issues:

1. Incorrect Use

Before calling an HVAC technician, make sure your unit is being used correctly. Did you leave your windows and doors open while your AC unit is on? Although it sounds obvious, some people do this and let hot air in from outside.

2. Tripped Fuse

Check if you have blown fuses. Sometimes, electrical breakdowns like blown fuses can cause the fan of an HVAC system to stop working. If you’re not comfortable checking your fuse, ask an electrician to inspect it. After all, that inspection can uncover other electrical issues, too.

3. Poor Maintenance

Failure to maintain your HVAC system can cause sudden unit breakdowns. Dirt that builds up over time can clog the unit filters, restricting airflow and causing more HVAC issues. To prevent that, make sure to have your HVAC systems regularly maintained. Maintenance checks help identify any small problems before they become big. In turn, you can save on costly major repair bills.

4. Incorrect Installation

According to Proctor Engineering Group, a large percentage of AC units are installed incorrectly. This causes a range of HVAC issues and high electric bills. If you want to replace your AC unit at home, make sure a licensed HVAC specialist does the job.

5. Leaks

AC units can leak refrigerant fluids. These fluids are toxic and may harm the environment, so it is best to have professionals to fix the leaks promptly.

Your HVAC system plays a key role in keeping your home comfortable all-year-round. Make sure your AC or heating unit is in its tiptop condition all the time.

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