James Mitchell

A key inserted in a door lock with a house keychainYour home is where most of your important things and loved ones reside. It, therefore, makes great sense to guarantee its safety and security through these methods:

Keep the Lawn Clear

A clear lawn tells criminals two things. First, the home is well-cared for with owners that are attentive to detail and therefore equipped with security features. Second, it tells criminals that any attempt to trespass would be easily seen by others. Greenside Landscaping also noted that getting a lawn weed control service in Utah isn’t just for aesthetics, it’s also an investment to deter possible crime.

Lights, Lights, Lights

Keep the pathways, windows, and porch lighted. This makes it difficult for criminals to sneak in because they can be viewed easily by others even from across the street. If you’re worried about the electricity bill, try installing solar-powered lights to illuminate your front porch all through the night.

Clearly Mark Your Address

For emergency purposes, make sure your address is properly marked so authorities can find you through minimum description. It also teaches everyone in the family how to respond in case of emergency situations — even the little kids.

Install an Alarm System

Thanks to the current industry trend, an alarm system is wonderfully efficient and inexpensive. It’s not just CCTV cameras, though. You’d also want to install a fire alarm and an alarm for certain kinds of gases. If you want a long-term lovable alarm system, you can always get a dog like a German Shepherd.

Of course, these are only some of the techniques you can use to improve home security. Don’t forget that some criminals can be quite bold so even if you have deterrents, it makes sense to have physical items you can use for defense — like a baseball bat.

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