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Moving to new business premises shouldn’t be stressful. Although it might sound like there are lots of things to do, you can achieve all of them quickly if you have a plan. Careful planning eliminates room for error and makes it easier for you and your employees to settle in the new business premises. Hence, how can you prepare for a seamless office move?

Choosing the right moving company in Sydney will play a significant role in helping you enjoy a hassle-free moving experience. While there are many companies in the city, not all of them can provide exceptional services. However, your plan doesn’t start and stop with a moving company. You have to consider accessibility to your office, security, and your relocation budget. To make it easier, the following tips will come in handy when relocating your business premises:


Set aside capital that will facilitate your move to the new premises. Choosing a local mover can help you stay within your moving budget. From the moment you rent or lease your new office space, consider setting aside a considerable moving budget. You should take into account the working hours that you’ll lose during this period. Other factors to consider include legal documentation and size of the items you are planning to move. Negotiate with your mover for the best rates.


preparing for a move

How much time will it take to relocate to your new premises ultimately? If you are transferring furniture and IT equipment, you will also need time to set them up in the new premises. Will a weekend be enough or will the process extend to multiple days? Small businesses can move within a short time, but large companies will have to relocate one department at once to reduce business downtime and the confusion that occurs with moving many items at once.

Health and safety

Whether you are moving offices or a manufacturing plant, it is essential for safety tests and risk assessment to be carried out. Bring in professionals to inspect the property and rate its safety level. You should also educate your employees on the safety codes of the building. They should know escape routes and location of fire extinguishers in the event of fires. Inspecting potential hazards and storing first aid kits where they are easy to access should also be among the list of things you should do.

No matter the type of business you are running, several challenges may spring up when moving. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that all potential bottlenecks are addressed before you settle on a moving date. Having a budget in advance will also help to make the moving process seamless.

Remember that the new office might not be offering the same level of security as your previous business premises. Therefore, invest in security equipment such as CCTV cameras and alarm control systems. If your old office has worn-out furniture, buying new furniture and moving it directly to the new office will definitely be a good idea. At the end of it all, you need an effective strategy that will allow your employees to settle down as quickly as possible.

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