James Mitchell

Just hearing the word termites can make people cringe. It’s a known fact that these pesky critters are difficult to get rid of. Killing a few of them won’t cut it.

You must call a provider of pest control service in Caguas and they’ll need to look at how big the colony is. Sometimes, it’s small enough to control within a few days but it can also be as huge as a baseball field. That could take years before the area can be called totally termite-free. So, before termites eat everything made of wood in your home, you must take the right measures.

Here are three signs they’re now living on your floors and walls:

1. Shelter Tubes

Shelter tubes look like veins made of soil that originate from the ground. They can be found on walls, floors, or any area that termites would pass. These tubes carry worker termite who are looking for food. Bigger tubes may carry workers who are already transporting food and it is at this stage when they are the most destructive.

2. Mud Trails and Packing

These would have the same texture and appearance as their shelter tubes but can cover entire walls. Termites that originate from a tree can have a whole hill of packed earth at the base as their shelter. These are bad signs of infestation that can only professionals can handle.

3. Small Piles of Wood-Like Pellets

These may look like wood shavings, but they are actually termite droppings. Termites kick out their waste out of a hole in a wall that they’re working in or even outside your home. If you see small piles of pellets in or around your home, that’s a positive sign of termites.

It’s only when you see sagging floors or damaged wood that you start looking for termites. This shouldn’t be the case. Termites like warm, damp, and dark places. Always inspect your house for termites and fix the problem before they invade your entire house and cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.

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