James Mitchell

Preparing your home for the winter season may seem like a huge task. So here’s a three-item checklist to break it down into small chunks that are easy to accomplish:

Perform proper maintenance on your heating system

Have your HVAC, fireplace, and water heaters checked. Have the air filters inspected and cleaned or replaced if needed. This ensures proper distribution and circulation of conditioned air to keep a comfortable temperature inside the home.

Have your chimneys and fireplaces cleaned and stock up on fireplace wood, as well. Make sure the chimneys are unobstructed, and that mortar joints are sealed.

Have the water heaters in your Orem home inspected and cleaned to make sure they’re in excellent working condition throughout the winter months. Nothing is more uncomfortable than having to take a cold shower on a chilly morning.

Drain and insulate water pipes

Drain any excess water from external faucets and garden hoses, and protect any outdoor or exposed pipes by insulating them. Turn off the water supply to external faucets and disconnect garden hoses attached to any of it. Drain any excess water from pipes, hoses, and other watering equipment to prevent any of these from bursting, and avoid repair expenses that may occur if these are left unattended.

Testing and last-minute fixes

In case there was a need to repair or replace any of your heating devices, testing them out is necessary to ensure that they are properly working by the time that you need to use them. Sometimes, last-minute fixes cannot be avoided so make sure there is enough time to do this and have everything up and running at least a couple weeks before winter hits.

Preparing your home for the winter using a step-by-step checklist helps you in getting everything done before the season starts. Following a checklist allows you to come back to anything that had to be repaired and test it out to make sure it’s working the way it’s supposed to and avoid running into problems in the middle of the season.

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