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If you’re all about having a relaxing time outdoors with a cup of tea and a book in hand, then a pergola is your friend. This garden feature is an excellent choice for extending your living space out to the open air. It’s made of vertical posts and crossbeams, usually freestanding, and offers an amazing lounge for friends and families.

With Utah’s mostly dry and sunny weather, remodeling experts from coolcovers07.com swear that adding a pergola to your home is a worthwhile project.

Reading Sanctuary

There are many ways to design your pergola. If you love reading or simply want to relax, you can build a small library in your new outdoor living space. Accentuate your arched pergola frames with warm colors and vintage furniture to create a welcoming, retro ambiance.

Lush Retreat

Surround your pergola with vertical gardens made of wisteria, orchids, or bougainvillea. The clustered flowers and dense greenery will offer shade during the hot summer months, and will easily allow sunshine in winter.

For your garden, go for a pergola that has metal covers for added support and protection. Known for their durability, this type of patio cover can endure harsh weather conditions and require little upkeep. It also won’t crack, split, or warp.

Stylish Dining

You don’t have to go to a five-star restaurant to dine in style. With your new pergola, you can dine like royalty in the comfort of your own backyard. Install an elevated deck and create a cozy fireplace accompanied by an elegant wooden dining set. For a calming feel, choose from light pastel colors to plain white. Finally, polish the landscape with some natural stone pavers.

There are virtually endless ways to customize your pergola. From different colors to shapes, you can choose however you want it to look. It’s a great home addition that will provide the perfect cooling and protective shade for your patio.

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