James Mitchell

Getting tired of the plain and dull-looking fireplace at home? Maybe it’s time you consider changing things up a bit. To explore as many design options as possible, here are some suggestions from fireplacesutah.com you could use as an inspiration.

1. The Power of Layers

While adding a mantel could bring something into your fireplace, don’t be content with just that. There are many other things you could add to make the area look extra special. Having layers of décor, such as mirrors, frames, and perhaps a vase is a great way to create movement or flow into it.

2. A Mini Reading Area

Another great makeover idea for the fireplace is transforming it into a mini library. The area provides the best place to chill out and relax during the dog days as well as the perfect spot to read your favorite book while drinking a hot chocolate drink when winter comes in.

More than that, the whole idea works perfectly with any style, so it doesn’t matter whether you have a newly built or non-working fireplace in your Utah home or not. You could still use the idea to transform your space.

3. Get Seasonal with Décor

Embrace the charm of the changing seasons by matching your fireplace design with each one all year long.

For summer, you could go for a bright, vibrant mantelpiece and decorations. For spring, you could go with a vase of fresh flowers and plants. During fall, a bowl of cranberries and twigs would work — just go with something that’ll remind you of each season.

Create a better and more attractive living space by incorporating some of these ideas into your fireplace. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the design to find which style will match with tour taste.

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